The Lumbar Cushion That Makes Your Toilet
Feel Like a Comfy Chair

Throne Daddy shown with packaging

Throne Daddy shown on Toilet

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What a Fun and Supportive Gift 

Throne Daddy Inventors Dennis And Mary Lou Green

The Unhealthy way to
sit on the toilet.

Maybe you sit forward on the toilet before or after doing your business, however, new MRI Research shows leaning forward adds pressure on your lumbar discs and that's not good for your spine.

The Healthy way to
sit on the toilet.

Throne Daddy bridges the gap between your back and the seat lid giving you the support you need when lingering on your toilet. This backrest reduces pressure on the lumbar discs, and that's good for your spine.  

Throne Daddy makes you feel comfortable on the toilet whether you're stumbling into the john in the dead of night, checking your email after lunch, or enjoying well-earned quiet time.

  • Fits any seat with a flat lid.
  • No tools, straps or adhesives required.
  • Wet the back with water and stick it on.
  • Leaves no residue when removed. 
  • Easy to clean. Just throw it in the wash. 
  • Molded from memory-foam.
  • Stays on when you close the lid to flush.
  •  Bone-white color enhances any toilet.
  • Doesn't stick on contoured curved lids
  • Doesn't work on lids with 2-inch rims 
  • Design and Utility patents pending.


"I absolutely love my Throne Daddy...AND, I'm not a daddy or a man.
My husband spends quite a bit of time in the bathroom with his phone. I, on the other hand, don't need much time, so I thought this product wasn't for me. HOWEVER, once I took the time to sit back and enjoy the quiet myself, I was delighted by the comfort the Throne Daddy creates! No cold, hard toilet back that makes one want to get in and get out. Instead I actually felt relaxed, and super comfortable. The firmness is just right, not too soft, and not too hard. Perfect. I can't imagine our bathroom without it now!" 
----Kathleen Hanzel


It's as Soft as a Baby's Tushy
I received a Throne Daddy as a gift and love it. If you've ever had to spend more time than you care for on your "throne", you will appreciate the comfort it provides. Leaning back can be an uncomfortable experience, especially those toilets that aren't well designed. Throne Daddy makes every toilet seat back much more comfortable. The foam product is perfectly positioned for maximum support and comfort and it's easy to clean, even washable and portable!  
---Robert Nelson

Throne Daddy is a Registered Trademark of
Dennis Green Design Group, Ltd.

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What a Fun and Supportive Gift

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For Back Pain Relief
The inspiration for Throne Daddy came from the inventor's unsuccessful back surgery, which made sitting painful, especially on the toilet. Throne Daddy lumbar cushion eased his pain, and now he can help the estimated 28 million people in the USA suffering from lower back pain.

For MS Sufferers
Throne Daddy is also relief for the one million Americans suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who live in constant pain sitting on toilets without back support. This includes three times more women than men. 

For BPH Sufferers 
Throne Daddy also comforts men with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), also known as an enlarged prostate. This medical condition affects some 40 million American men.

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